"Nothing could go faster than the speed of light; it was a physical impossibility. Dr. Hirao knew this but chose to ignore that fact."
Micro-fiction by Matt Barker
This is one of my first attempts at costume design in Blender. The original suit included a helmet but the facial expression was too obscured. 
This is also one of my first ship designs in Blender. I wanted it to be mostly a giant set of engines and a tiny cockpit - reminiscent of early test flight ships.
This image went through many recolorings before finally arriving at the final composition. Whenever I create my flats layers, I tend toward vibrant colors so I can easily distinguish between various sections of the picture plane. However, this can make it challenging to tone down some of the elements in order to create a logical visual hierarchy. 
For the final composition, I added speed and light effects in Photoshop and text via Illustrator.
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