FAYM - A graphic novel adaptation of Bob Schneider's rock opera.
Austin, TX live-music king, Bob Schneider, has been working on a musical for the past 15 years. He first wanted the story adapted into a graphic novel version in order to realize many of the visual elements to be included in the stage production. 

The story started with a 2-page script and roughly 20 songs. The story centers around Danny and Mary, a born-to-lose couple trying their best to survive when they encounter someone that alters their lives forever.

The final publication is 240 full-color pages long. The project also included creating limited edition screen prints, and online marketing materials adapted from the interior pages.
After reading through the rough script and learning how each of the songs was woven into the narrative, thumbnail sketches for the book were created. Like any other comic book, these were intended to discern beats in the story, page reveals, and page layouts.
Next, there was a fair amount of time designing characters. This included distinctive features, tattoos, etc.
And then it was a matter of cranking out the pages. The illustrations for the entire book were created on the first pass and then coloring and lettering were done on the second pass. 
Because this was such a large project, three versions were created of the cover design. (Click to enlarge.)
In the end, the last image was chosen for the cover, but the other images were used on the interior, intro pages. One was used to thank the top-tier Kickstarter supporters.
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