This was a deep dive into learning various aspects of Blender. First, was working with UV mapping. All the VHS cases, sketchbook pages, jar labels and wall art were created in Photoshop and Illustrator and then mapped onto the geometry. 
Blender also has an auto-generating line feature called Freestyle. It's a bit more finicky than what SketchUp auto-generates mainly due to Blender's handling of more complex geometry. It does a nice job once all the settings are dialed in.
However, the line work does need some cleanup, especially around curved surfaces. Things like the back of the folding chair and the top of the skull need to be smoothed out.
This is a final rendering cleaned up and recolored in Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop.
For the final comp of the video, all the frames were exported from Blender and reassembled in Photoshop. Besides animating the camera position, the coolest thing I learned in the process was how to create a video on a surface as seen on the TV screen. 
While there are some nice aspects to the final video, I believe the rendered still above is a bit more successful. 
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